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Previous Screenings

Stay tuned \ for future screenings of OXD!

World Premiere

November 14th \ OXD had it's grande premiere at DOC NYC, America's largest [and by some critics' accounts - best] documentary film festival.

Stranger Than Fiction

OXD was chosen Documentary of the Week on WNYC. 


You can listen to Raphaela Neihausen [co-founder, with Thom Powers, of DOC NYC] describe the thrills of the documentary OXD on the WNYC website.


February 2nd \ OXD opened the Winter 2016 Season of the film series Stranger Than Fiction at the IFC Center in New York City.


Artemis Women in Action Film Festival

April 24th \ OXD screened at the first film festival dedicated to female driven action films in beautiful Beverly Hills, California.

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival 

June 12th  \ OXD screened in Brooklyn, back where it all began at the St Francis College Theatre. 


October 8th  \ OXD screened at the 10th annual Buffalo International Film Festival

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